This page is dedicated to the feedback and testimonials of our beloved clients. Feel free to add your own. Know that we are happy to have served you.  


Glenn, 25 

I am so glad to have found this website. It really helped me a lot in improving my art. I work on portraits and I never had the confidence to do an exhibit. I was told by friends that I had the talent but I was so afraid. With Autumn and Color, I gained professional mentorship by one of the best portrait painters in the United States. In just three months, I was able to successfully develop my technique. Just six months hence, I am now mounting my very own solo exhibit. I hope it becomes a success. Autumn and Color helped me a lot in making sure that it is marketed well. Cross fingers! 


Maxwell, 40 

I have been writing novels since I was young. But it was only my wife, family and some close friends who have ever read it. This is because I totally didn’t believe that I could ever get published. But with Autumn and Color, I will now be able to do so. I just sent them a manuscript and they were impressed. I got a call the day after I submitted my manuscript. They helped me fix some points and in just a few months, here I am, a new author. Kudos to Autumn and Color! 


Ashley, 18 

I am just starting as a writer. I really want to get published. But when I sent my first manuscript to Autumn and Color, I knew that I have a long way to go. I took advantage of their mentorship service. It is now my second month and I can feel the difference in my work. It’s a lot of challenge but I am definitely getting there.