This page contains the most frequently asked questions that we receive from all of you. Please read on to know more about what we offer.   


What is Autumn and Color all about?  

Autumn and Color is primarily a publishing business. However, more than that, we work with all would-be writers and artists in order to improve their craft and ensure their success in the publishing of their manuscript or the showing of their art works.  


What kind of services do you provide?  

We actually offer several types of services. Primarily, we provide publishing services. So if you want to publish your novel or get your artwork shown, we can definitely help you with that. We also make sure that your novel or artwork is a success by providing marketing services. At the same time, for those who are not yet ready to publish, we provide training, mentorship or coaching and customized one-on-one sessions. This is depending on the need of the individual and the result of our evaluation.  


How do I take advantage of your services?  

This is quite easy. You simply have to contact us and send us a copy of your manuscript or artwork for evaluation. From here, we will contact you in order to discuss with you possible options to get you up to speed with publishing. In terms of our training and coaching services, we will get you paired with an expert in your field to provide you with the necessary help. Our minimum requirement is for you to sign up with us for a 3-month mentorship course.  


What is the 3-month mentorship course?  

A three-month mentorship course is an intensive, personalized one-on-one session with your mentor who will help you improve your writing or art. He or she will be providing you with tips and strategies that will improve your work and get you noticed in the field.