About Us 

Are you an artist or a writer and want to get published? If so, then you came to the right website.  

We are a group of publishers, editors, writers and artists who each have our own expertise. With us, you are sure to get published soon. We can help you in your journey to get published by providing you with support in the form of mentorship or coaching, training, evaluation of the quality of your work and the actual publishing and marketing.  

Autumn and Color was founded by a group of friends who realized how difficult it was to get published. They really found it hard to start and navigate the publishing world. They also realized that a lot of people had the same problem. Therefore, using their experience and tapping experts in the field of writing, publishing and art, they worked together to form this company and provide the service that we do.  

Our goal is simple: We want to make sure that you achieve your dream of getting published and known in your field. This is why we are doing the work that we do.  

Our service is supported by our network of experts. Tell us what your field is and we will be able to supply the expert who can help you in your work. They will be able to work with you diligently to ensure that in as short as three months, you are ready for publishing. Our only request is for you to be very committed in your work as it is something that we will equally promise you.  

So are you ready to start? Know that only Autumn and Color promises you a partnership to ensure that you not only get published, you also become successful in it. So contact us now and let’s start a conversation.