We’re calling all artists and writers 

Autumn and Color is a small publishing company based in the United States. We work with all types of artists and writers in order to improve their work and get it published. We do this by providing training, mentorship or coaching; evaluating their work; and making suggestions for improvement. Once ready, we take care of publishing, marketing and ensuring their success. Autumn and Color provides full cycle service to be able to help struggling writers and artists get their work ready for public consumption.  

In line with this, Autumn and Color has a small office with wonderful views located in Wisconsin to help inspire artists and writers. Our office has a wonderful glass garage door made by http://a1garage.com/tulsa/ where most of our clients prefer to stay and hone their talents.  

If you have never been published but have been aspiring to become a full-pledged writer or artist, contact us. We will be happy to help you out. Please refer to our more specific listing of our services below: 

Mentorship Services 

We know that the journey to becoming a writer and/or artist can be really challenging. For this reason, we are providing mentorship services. We pair writers and artists with our experts who will provide them with a three-month intensive mentorship and training service. In the full three months, our mentors will be discussing theories and providing practical and sound advice on how they can improve their craft and prepare them for publishing. We guarantee that at the end of three months, you will be ready to launch your own book, novel or artwork.  


Short-term training 

Do you feel that you are somewhat ready to be published but lack the confidence? We offer short-term trainings to equip you with what may be lacking in your manuscript or artwork. Our trainings are personalized in order to support what may be your weaknesses or challenges. We will even throw in a FREE evaluation prior and after your training in order to be able to determine your improvement and determine other possible support that we may provide.  



Do you simply want to determine whether you are ready for publishing or not? We can help you out. Just send us your work and we can evaluate it. We offer two types of evaluation – a general evaluation that we provide for FREE and a more intensive evaluation that you can take advantage of for a small fee.  



As a publishing company, we will be happy to support you in publishing your work. We have extensive contacts in the industry and can ensure that you will be successful in your venture. We will take care of the printing and marketing to ensure that your publication is a success.  

So what are you wait? Just hit the Contact Us tab and get in touch with us. We are happy to be your partner in your journey.